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Go with us on a mission trip!

      We are constantly working on identifying the best places and time frames for Christians from the Western countries to travel with us into the regions, where we are presently working. Such regions, as former Soviet Union, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, North Africa and Middle East are open for visitation and ministry in the most countries. Also, our network extends to other continents and counties, such as Western Europe, Central and South America, South-East Asia, India, Africa and Australia. There is no walls for the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ!          So, please, send as a note you are interested in going on the mission trip to one of those countries or regions, and we would gladly inform you what the possibilities are available at the moment. We want each each short-term mission trip would be a real long-time blessing for both visitors and receiving missionaries, and to make it possible we need to consider opportunities and conditions of the both sides. So, let’s be connected and then get ready for a voyage!


Please, contact us as soon as possible to get more information about each trip.

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