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Sponsor a native missionary

     After 2000 years have passed, His plan is still the same - God calls and sends simple men and women to go and tell the Good News to the people around them and help them to grow as disciples of Jesus. Many of those Lord's servants may achieve much more and more effectively, if someone would help them just to pour gas into their car, or help to fix a tire of their bicycle, pay the bill for the room, where they are gathering a home church, and so on. And reason for that is simple - they just don't earn enough money to cover all their ministerial expenses due to the economic and political situation in their countries. 

     We believe, that God has some special people, like you, whom He calls to share material support to the native missionaries – just to enable them go further and serve better. If you feel God leads you to support one of the Lord’s shepherds, a member of our network – please, contact us when you can. And please note, there is no such kind of thing as right amount to donate – any help you can afford is welcomed, long waited and very much appreciated.

            Below you will see our list of national missionaries, whom you may start supporting right now. Here on this webpage, we cannot display their photos and names, because they live and serve in the countries, where Christians are still facing persecution and pressure. But since you would like to start supporting them, we shell help you to get to know them more closely.  Thank you for being obedient to God!

Central, East and West Asia, Caucasus

Currently our list includes such countries as: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Republic of Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Mongolia.


      Brother K. was born and grew up in traditional Muslim family in one of mountain rural regions of his country. Being a teenager he witnessed, as his father was healed after one visiting Christian missionary had prayed over him. Deeply intrigued, A. started to seek answers on his questions about God, faith and meaning of life. Finally, he realized that there is only One person he needs to apply. After becoming fully devoted follower of Jesus, A. cannot live a day without witnessing someone about the Savior. Speaking Farsi freely, he  goes personally or organizes remotely a number of  mission trips  every year to the countries, where such language is spoken. Your support would allow him not only to continue his personal ministry, but also to train other national church leaders to do the same.

Middle East and North Africa

Currently our list includes such countries as: Israel and Palestinian territories, Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon, Syria,  Jordan, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

     Raised in very traditional family of the Oriental Orthodox church members, E. never planned to change his religious beliefs, until one day he attended a worship service of one Evangelical congregation in his city. That visit led to a radical transformation in his spiritual life, which also caused him to experience a lot of painful moments inside of his family, where they couldn't tolerate a “wrong faith adept” among them. But evolutionally all his family came to the real faith in Jesus too. Now pastor B. serves not only for his church family, but also helps to mobilize, train and encourage the new generation of pastoral leaders  over the Middle East and North Africa. The economy of the country pastor B. is living, now lays in ruins. Your support would enable pastor B. and his family just to survive in current circumstances and keep doing the ministry he was called to.



Currently our list includes such countries as: Albania, Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, Belgium, Cyprus,  Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, France, Poland, Italy, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, Serbia, Slovakia, Russia, Romania,  Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands and others.


A. was born in one of the largest cities of Siberia. None of his parents were Christians. And yet God had a special plan how to reach C. with the Good News. At the present time he serves as a senior pastor in a Baptist church in Russia and also  participates in the cross-cultural short-term mission trips. His wife is charity volunteer leader in her town and together with their four children, they both uses all possibilities to share people around about Jesus. Pastor C. helps to coordinate evangelistic projects and mission trips all around Slavic countries. Traditionally, those countries are considered as Christian ones, but in fact Evangelical churches are the minority, and advancing clear Gospel there is a not an easy task at all. To be able engage into mission work more local churches in Eastern Europe and former USSR and conduct his ministry on full-time basis, B. needs financial support for his family and ministry.

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