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Special Needs

   After the very first sin, made by the very first human beings, Adam and Eve, our world never was the perfect place for living. Wars, pandemics, famine, human trafficking, all kinds of addictions and other disorders every day cause millions of people to suffer from pain, despair and death. 
   Of course, we cannot help to every one, but we should try to do it at least for some of them. At this very moment heart taking situation in Ukraine draws attention of the whole world. Christians from Russia and other countries around do whatever they can to provide shelter, food and medical and spiritual care to  every refugee and resident of Ukraine, they can reach out. And if you would share your help toward Ukrainian people, suffering from the war, we know how to do deliver it. Please, make special donation for Ukraine and we would send you documentary report about how it was used.
   And of course, there are other special needs, which you may be willing to help with. Just mark your donation for "where the most needed" and be sure, that every penny you gave would come to the right place.

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