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Get connected for a change

Help indigenous missionaries to share Jesus with their countrymen


Welcome on board!

Hi, and thank you for your interest to Native Shepherds Network!

I love making other people smiling. Tears of someone's unexpected joy is my highest reward in life. I just like to help people, and let me guess, you like to do the same, too. Actually, we all were created and called by God to support each other. I invite you to go with me and help out some special individuals, whom God is using to transform lives of thousands people in the less reached places of our world.


David G., Executive Director

Native Shepherds Network

What we do and why ...

In Native Shepherds Network we are connecting native pastoral leaders and their churches in the less reached regions with the rest part of the Christian world, enabling them to serve better and further, as they carry on the light of Jesus’ message to the people of their home countries.

What you can do with us? 

Get personal connection with native spiritual shepherds

Many indigenous pastors and missionaries, especially in non-Christian countries, feel themselves isolated, helpless, and fully neglected, because they have a very limited or no communication at all with other Christians from the "outside" world. You can break that wall, by sending your words of prayer and encouragement letter to local pastors, helping them and their families to clearly see themselves as the vital members of global Body of Christ. Become compassioning "Barnabas" for a struggling evangelist, exhausted pastor, or their scared family member.

mission,native shepherds,pastors,church,less reached,Jesus,
mission,native shepherds,pastors,church,less reached,Jesus,

Introduce and localize your ministry's opportunities to the new audience. 

If God has blessed you, your Sunday School class, local church or para-church organization with some effective ministry tools or life-changing educational program, we would arrange for you the appropriate venue for initial meeting with your perspective ministry partners in your targeted area of the world. Or maybe you want your book, teaching materials or internet resource to be available in other languages, our global team of experienced Christian translators would be happy to serve you. If needed, we would help you to publish your literature in the local languages.   

Go on short-term mission trip  ​

    Have you ever thought about personal visit with native missionaries? They wait for you over there and would be glad to do the Kingdom work together with you! Please, consider coming in person to see them, invite your best friends with you and let us take full professional care for all your travel, lodging and touring arrangements, as well as for your ministry opportunities on the field.  

mission,native shepherds,pastors,church,less reached,Jesus,
mission,native shepherds,pastors,church,less reached,Jesus,

Support  churches and their ministers

Would you like to be an answer to the needs, local missionaries are praying about? It could be, for example, a box of Bibles in the local tongue, preowned scooter or bicycle for a local evangelist, or a used laptop, microphone, or video projector for the church, and so on. In many cases local pastors need just food and basic living items for their churches and families.  Also, you may always give to where the greatest need is. Any help would be very wanted and appreciated. 

Provide your help for special needs

       At this very moment, thousands of people in some areas of our world are suffering and dying every day from natural disaster, military conflicts, or other accidents. At NSN we strive to do as much as we can to share our help to those, who need it worst. Sometimes we just send them collected love offerings to let them buy what they need, in other cases we come in person  and share to them what we have. Would you join us?

P.S. You may watch a short video report from of one those special mission trips here.

mission,native shepherds,pastors,church,less reached,Jesus,

What others say about our service 

Steve lackey.jpeg

Steve Lackey
President of Missions Around The World (Decatur, TX)

"David G. is an excellent trip organizer, translator and guide for anyone traveling to Russia or Eastern Europe. He arranges transportation, lodging and contacts, as well as being a great translator and guide. I recommend him to any traveler, church group or mission team traveling where the Russian language is spoken. He speaks very good English and is a caring and pleasant believer".

David Wilson 2.jpeg

David Wilson
President of Worldwide Proclamation (St.Augustine, FL)

"I can highly recommend David G. to you for any travel arrangements to Russia and surrounding countries. Traveling to Russia for the first time 15 years ago was a little frightening, but the visa David obtained for me worked perfectly. David’s ability as a translator in the Russian language was also excellent. Over these years I have used David’s services, both personally and for mission teams, and found him to be trustworthy, knowledgeable, dependable and truly a committed Christian.  I recommend him to you."

Mike Sheer_edited.jpg

Mike Sheer
Missions Pastor at Denton Bible Church (Denton, TX)

"I have had the opportunity to work alongside David and see him minister in Russia, Israel, and Western Europe.  David has a pastor’s heart and an administrator’s focus on detail.  His work setting up our trip in Israel required tremendous preparation, knowledgeable interaction with contacts, and flexibility as meetings and times were constantly changing.  David pulled it all together flawlessly.  In addition to setting up trip logistics for us, his reputation among key Russian contacts has opened up new ministries for us among Russians throughout Europe.  I respect David’s work.  I appreciate David’s heart for ministry.  I highly recommend David to anyone wanting to minister in Russia or to Russians around the world."

Chris Brammer_edited_edited.jpg

Pastor Chris Brammer
Doctor of Ministry

(Forest, VA)

    "Brother David,

It was a pleasure to serve with you and under your leadership in Antioch in August, 2023. I appreciated your servant’s heart and your desire to honor our Lord, not only in what you did but how your service was carried out. You were both, organized and flexible in your leadership style. I certainly look forward to serving with you again.

   I highly recommend other pastors and ministries to work along side of you and NSN,  as you seek to bless, encourage and train national pastors. These pastors and ministers often lack opportunities for continual pastoral equipping. NSN will definitely be a valuable source".

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