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Обновлено: 27 июл. 2023 г.

Do you like help others? If your heart flies up to the sky, when you just made other person smiling?

Hi, and thank you for your interest to Native Shepherds Network.

Did you ever feel special excitement and deep inner joy, when you were able to help somebody in his/her accidental problem or difficult situation? Maybe recently you had an unexpected chance to be a Good Samaritan to someone in your community and catch that authentic “thank you” look in the eyes of that person? I very hope so and assume you would keep that in your memory for the rest of your life.

I love such moments, especially when I can help someone from another country or other cultural background to bring Good News of Jesus Christ to their fellow countrymen. When you and I assist someone to see Jesus, we give them a chance to change their whole destiny, and our modest involvement into the work of Holy Spirit would impact their lives for eternity.

This is what Native Shepherds Network is all about: we are connecting native pastoral leaders with the rest part of the Christian world to enable them to serve better and further, as they carry on the light of Jesus’ message to the people of their home countries. They can do it better and faster in compared to someone from outside of their background. Would you join us in that work?

Born in 1977 in Soviet Union and been raised in the multi-ethnic background, I was always interested in visiting different places and meeting new people. As soon as God led me to Himself when I was in age of 15, helping other individuals to meet Christ become my permanent desire. So, my friend, if such perspective of life is echoing with your inner carvings, you are at the right place! Experience in sharing the Good News and training others to do the same in a dozen of countries helped me to build the worldwide network of native church leaders and lay evangelists. And now I personally invite you to join to the amazing work of saving and restoring souls and lives of the lost people, which God is doing right now through His best messengers - the native shepherds. Would you dare to be a part of it?

David G., Executive Director

Native Shepherds Network

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