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Why native shepherds?

Обновлено: 27 июл. 2023 г.

In now days we are reported that each day about 50,000 thousands of people around the world would be baptized, because earlier they've prayed "to receive Jesus into their hearts". Even if such kind of data are not always perfectly accurate, the logical question still hanging in the air - who is going to take care for a significant number of new converts and help them to become fully devoted disciples of Christ? Western churches and missionaries achieved significant results in evangelistic work and reaching out the less reached people groups, but who is going to do discipleship for those, whom we call new converts? The Great Commission is about making disciples, not converts.

Obviously, this is the responsibility of local pastors and church leaders. But if in Western world supplying existing churches with full time pastors is still a real problem, just imagine, how much difficult it could be in the developing countries, especially in those regions, where Christianity is not the dominating religion.

We know that, because we see it with our own eyes while our regular trips there and daily communication with indigenous pastoral leaders. Someone needs to stand up for those unknown native God's shepherds, often living in hard-to-reach places and assist them in obtaining necessary training, ministry tools and funding.

This is what Native Shepherds Network is all about: we are connecting native missionaries with the rest part of the Christian world enable them to serve better and further. Would you consider to join us?

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