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The Kingdom's Well Club

   We assume every potential donor to a charity foundation or to a missionary organization wants 100% of his/her donation would go directly to the field. Not too many of us want to pay any kind of administrative fees or back-office charges, when we send our money for the charity purposes.  

   And yet we also understand money is actually needed to arrange training sessions for pastors, for airplane tickets of the staff to travel at the field and do the ground preparation work, and the list goes on and on. So, how at Native Shepherds do we cover these inevitable expenses?

   We invite our friends to join the Kingdom’s Well Club, whose members provide funds for all overhead expenses of Native Shepherds Ministries, including personal support of its staff. We believe that God may supply all our operational expenses through faithful support of each member of the Kingdom's Well. If a well has water, people may take water from it to drink; if the financial well has funds, the back-stage missionary work may be completed. So, maybe you would like to consider joining Kingdom’s Well Club to enable us to send all 100% of all collected donations directly to the native pastors.

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